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2008 Rays = 2007 Mets

Anybody else notice the Tampa Bay Rays slowly slipping off 1st place? The signs started with the Yankee series and have gotten worse.

After going 21-7 through August, the “Won’t Go Away Rays” have lost 5 of 6. Their so-called great young arms have allowed 34 runs in their last 6 games. And now they have to go into Fenway and play the Red “Hot” Sox, who have won 9 of 12 and have scored at least 5 runs in 10 of those games.

This spells disaster for the Rays. The rest of their schedule is not much encouragement for them either, as they must play 13 straight games vs. the Red Sox, Yankees, and Twins. Now I don’t have MLB.TV, but I also hear that they are playing pretty sloppy? I have no way of knowing this because I can only get the stats and the opinions of others, not the game. So if I am misinformed, please let me know. But if that’s right, then there’s just another reason why the Rays will fall out of first.

So look out, Tampa Bay. Red Sox Nation is coming and we’re coming for the AL East Crown!

Buchholz Finally Down

Finally, the person who I think has a large part in the reason why the Red Sox are so far back of the Rays was sent down. Yes, I mean it, Clay Buchholz is going to Portland!

I don’t know if I’ve been this happy over a move all year. Clay has an ERA of 6.75, allows 1.76 baserunners an inning, and is in the conversation for being one of the biggest disappointments in the AL East. Of course, it wasn’t even really that horrendus ERA that had some Red Sox fans begging for his demotion. It was just that he can’t win. The Red Sox haven’t won a game he’s pitched since July 23, and Buchholz hasn’t had a winning decision since May 2. Since his no-hitter, the Sox have only won 4 games in which hes pitched.

Luckilly, the Red Sox can maybe wait for Wakefield to come fill that spot in the rotation next week. At least he has won more than 2 games…

BoSox vs. Giles

Of course, I was frustrated when Brian Giles of the San Diego Padres vetoed the deal that would’ve sent him to the BoSox. He has been a guy this season who can hit the ball well and get on base nearly 4 out of every 10 times at the plate. However, I thought it through, and I kinda have a different opinion. Here are both sides of the story.


Giles’s Side – Brian’s hometown is San Diego and he gets playing time in San Diego. In Boston, they were going to use him as a utility man.

Boston’s Side – Boston fans are angry because he would’ve been a great bench player if J.D. Drew got hurt, or if Drew would just need a break. And another reason is….well, duh. If you turn down an offer to go to the World Series Champions, people will think you have something against them. Who knows, that could be the case.


Tell me what you think about this case and who’s side your on. I’d love to hear what you have to say. 



A’s Collapse

I’m guessing that you’ve seen the Oakland A’s losing streak. They’ve lost 10 games in a row, being swept by the Royals, Red Sox, and Blue Jays.

They will go into a three game series against the Tigers, and the future does not look brighter. Tonight, the A’s starting pitcher in Detroit is Dallas Braden. The last time Dallas faced Detroit, he gave up 2 home runs to the same guy (Magglio Ordonez) in the same inning!

If Oakland continues to play the way they’ve been playing, and Seattle does the same, don’t be surprised if Oakland finishes in last place in the AL West.

Cincinnati Reds…

I admit, I had intrest in Homer Bailey when he first started this season. I don’t know why, but my gut told me that something was going to happen to this guy this season.

Something happened alright. A lot happened….

“Homer” has proven to me that he is not Major League ready. He is 0-6, has a 7.93 ERA, he only averages about 4 innings per start, and on average he allows two baserunners every inning he pitches!

Luckily this Reds team has Edison Volquez. Who knows where they would be without him. They already are in the National League pitching cellar in every major catagory you can think of. And their offense isn’t exactly getting the job done either. Their current non-injured everyday starter with the highest average is Joey Votto, with .277.

I don’t really care much about the Reds, but I decided to write about them because I was bored out of my mind. Tell me your opinions as well.  

Karstens Off to Hot Start

Did any Pirate fan see this coming? Jeff Karstens, the 25 year old starting pitcher acquired from the Yankees in the Nady and Marte deal, cannot be stopped in his first 15 innings of work for the Pirates. He has allowed just 7 hits, has a WHIP of just 0.80, and had 7 2/3 innings of perfection vs the Diamondbacks. What do you think about him?